Friday, March 20, 2009

Face Masks

Why do Asian people wear protective masks in public or traveling on planes?

Face Masks

Its 17:38 on 20 March 2009 and I'm writing from the LAX airport in crazy Los Angeles, CA. I’ve always wondered why people of Asian descent wear face masks in public. You usually see it more at the Airport but today I noticed a white American couple at one of the airport stores shopping, talking, laughing, having a good old-time while sporting cool greenish masks. I also observed another American wearing a cool stylish face mask. He was asking a TSA employee for directions and the TSA guy almost had his ear in the “Maskers” mouth in-attempt to actually hear him. Next time you’re out, take notice of the "Veiled Voyagers" and if you are feeling wild, try wearing one of these bad boys for yourself.

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A. Joy said...

Hahaha! I never noticed but I definitely keep my eye out from now on and have you come up with an answer??? I'll let you know if I figure it out!