Saturday, April 4, 2009

April snow means we must GO!

Well we’re bracing for another snow storm here on 4 April 2009. We live on the flat land boarder of Illinois/Wisconsin and the word positive can be foggy at times. Life truly isn’t that bad but I sure do miss home. I’m a Western Washingtonian, bred, born, rose and always will be, regardless where Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC) direct me to live. I loved the outdoors growing up, spent most of my first 18 years in the woods. There were a couple rebel years in early high school I was invited into the city to see what was going on but even then the sticks were my comfort zone. Still, with the comfort of brush and mossy backed tress I always thought I would end up loving life in Florida or California for my adulthood. Well - I’m here to say “DO NOT” take Washington State for granted. After living around the nation and visiting almost every state, I can honestly say that if I combined the best aspects of North Carolina, California and the Midwest it would still have no comparison to the magnitude of the 42nd State.

Washington State has it all - rain forests, beaches and tide pools, unparalleled vistas, high desert, volcanoes, wildlife, glaciers, lofty mountains, wilderness, jagged peaks, trout-laden lakes, and wild rivers to name a few. The recreational opportunities are endless, from sportfishing, hunting and whale watching to whitewater rafting and mountain climbing. There is fun, adventure, and challenge out there for all ages.

God bless you the reader and God bless Washington State.