Saturday, February 19, 2011

The good Apple…

There were three salesmen who had finished a busy week of work and were hurrying through an airport to catch their flight home. They looked forward to being back with their respective families for the evening meal. As they hurried along, one of the salesmen inadvertently bumped a table where a young woman was selling apples. His carelessness overturned one of the baskets and spilled the contents all over the floor. The men never stopped, but hurried on hoping to catch their flights, which they did except for one of the salesmen. One of the men was a Christian, and his conscience bothered him greatly about the problems they caused for the apple girl. He told the other men to go on without him and that he would call his wife and tell her he was catching a later flight. Then the man went back to the table where he found the sixteen-year-old, totally blind girl sobbing softly as she fumble along the floor trying to retrieve her apples. The man told her he was sorry for the problems he and his friends had caused. He picked up all the apples and put them back in the basket. In the process, he discovered that some of the apples had been damaged in the disaster so he set them aside in another basket. After he had cleaned up the mess, and put things back in order, the man reached into his wallet and pulled out $20. “Here” he said handing it to the girl, “I hope this will pay for the damage we have done.” Then the man turned to go and arrange for a new flight home. When he turned to go the girl said, “Sir, are you Jesus?” For a long time afterward that question bounced around in the man’s soul.

“Are you Jesus?” Isn’t that our goal in life? Not to be Jesus but to be like Jesus. When it’s all said and done, isn’t our desire to reflect the character of Jesus that people would not be able to tell us apart? I have decided not to let the minor “human” defects of man bring me to dwell on trying to understand why peoples hearts caulis. Life on earth is short, shorter for some then others; I’d rather spend time on earth with friends and family enjoying their company and battling satins opposition. With the Lords aid, our common goal/duty should be to help in the rescue of as many souls as possible.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is amazing History. Early Americans used to put quarters into a machine to receive day old information. The product was made of paper and was known to leave your hands black after handling. Many Rural Americans relied on this daily read as a way to start fires in their wood stove.

Below is a documentary on a business that was referred to as the “Video Rental Store” History is great.